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Services We Offer

  • Importing/Exporting/Wholesale/Warehouse

  • Business/Franchise Consulting

  • OEM / Private Brand Production

  • Meat Products

  • Meal Kits / Ready to Eat Products for Restaurants

  • Chicken Business Support (Powder, Sauce, Seasoning, etc.)

  • Restaurant Kitchen Equipment



We provide customs clearance, import, and export merchandise to more than 10 countries around the world. Also, we have our own warehouses in South Korea.

-Gyeonggi Incheon Warehouse

-Gimcheon Warehouse

-Gyeongju/Ulsan Warehouse


OEM Production
(Sauces/Meat Products)

Including our own production factories in South Korea, five of the latest facility production factories that have obtained HACCP certification produce OEM products, ready to eat meals, various sauces, and processed meat products. 


In addition, for those who run franchise businesses around the world, we will quickly and accurately commercialize them with minimum MOQ (minimum order quantity) and help OEM consulting that fits the concept of the business.


Franchise Consulting & Development

Based on more than 20 years of food industry experience and know-how in Japan and the U.S., we consult our customers about anything related to the business; menu selection, product development, distribution, etc.

We are supporting various start-ups and franchise businesses, including developing original Japanese traditional ramen recipes, menu development, and Japanese BBQ business setup.

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